Does it really make any difference who installs your ceiling fan?

As you can see by the photo above, the answer to the question would seem to be answered by the image. The truth is, after installing literally thousands of fans, I have gained a deep respect for a properly installed ceiling fan. The fact of the matter is there are a large number of dynamics involved in installing a ceiling fan properly.

Recently City West FanMan had a fan returned by a customer with the blue plastic ceiling box still partially attached (photos coming soon), They returned it because after calling back the electrician who installed the fan originally (not one of ours), he told them that the ceiling fan must have seized up while on high speed and it caused it come crashing down from the ceiling. Really!! It had to have taken great skill to tell that whopper with a straight face!  I think most people can smell a stinker like this one a mile away, even without much installing experience. The fact in evidence of an improperly installed fan was the remaining parts of the blue boxed still attached to the fan bracket.

Blue plastic boxes are only made by Carlon and they do not manufacture a ceiling fan rated blue plastic box. No one does. That box was never designed to support a ceiling fan and that’s why it came crashing down. It is very fortunate for that electrician that no one was harmed, or the truth would have certainly come out.

I said all of that to say this; It really does make a difference who installs your fan. That is why City West FanMan Lighting has a very short list of Licensed Electricians they are willing to refer to their customers for fan installs. When they come to your home, they check the ceiling box that you are installing your fan in to be sure it is rated for the 50 lbs. the electrical code requires a ceiling box to be able to support so accidents, like the one you see in the picture in this article, don’t occur. If your box isn’t able to support a fan, our electricians will replace the box in your ceiling (without damaging your ceiling) before they install your fan. They always carry a number of fan remodel boxes in their truck.

They also are well acquainted with all the parts of your ceiling fan that need to be securely tightened for safe and proper operation. Your fan may need balancing after installation and our electricians are experienced and skilled at balancing your fan. There is no good reason (or legitimate excuse) for a ceiling fan to be wobbling all over the place when it can be balanced by a professional.

These are just a few reasons why it matters who you hire to install your fan. I could g0 on for quite a bit longer, but I think you get the idea. That is why City West FanMan Lighting has electricians they trust to refer to you. They want you to get the best experience possible from your purchase and they don’t want their fan coming back because and electrician who didn’t have the experience or who didn’t care enough, installed your ceiling fan carelessly. You wouldn’t trust your new car to a mechanic you didn’t know or trust would you? Protect your investment by hiring one of our preferred electrical contractors. We know they do a good job and we stake our reputation on that!

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